Bill Is Right: Black Lives Matter Activists Are Free Speech Super-Predators

John Minchillo/AP Photo
John Minchillo/AP Photo

Bill Clinton finally snapped and did what no other Democrat politician has been willing to do thus far: call Black Lives Matter on their crazed anti-free-speech tactics.

The reality is that time and again, the Black Lives Matter movement has proven itself to be a group of free speech super predators – relentlessly, aggressively trying to shut down every thought, fact, and statistic that doesn’t fit their black separatist socialist agenda.

Bill Clinton accurately pointed out what these protesters do. They scream. They shout. But they don’t listen. They don’t let others speak.

The tacit agreement has been that the black protesters will scream and shout as much as they want, get as angry and crazy as they possibly can…and nobody is supposed to say anything or challenge them on their behavior. Nobody’s supposed to say how uncivilized they are acting, because any analogy that accurately describes the behavior – acting like children, or like a bunch of wild animals — well, that’s racist.

See the double standards game? Calling Republican neurosurgeon Ben Carson stupid is acceptable. Calling Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas an idiot puppet is A-OK. Referring to Black Lives Matter protesters releasing a crazed emotional torrent as children or wild animals is the absolute height of racism.

If you don’t follow Democratic politics or Black Lives Matter closely, you’re probably not aware of the “super – predator” conflict that preceded Bill Clinton’s epic blowup. It’s from a video that’s been starting to go viral since November of last year, a speech that Hillary Clinton made in 1996 in which she referred to the problem of what she termed “super–predators” or the problem of sociopathic young black criminals. This short video created a firestorm:

As the video began to spread, it started becoming the center of a protest involving a Black Lives Matter activist who rudely interrupted Clinton about a month ago and then came up as a debate topic in early March.

The tactic here was to imply that Hillary Clinton had somehow claimed that all black people were “super–predators” because she had the audacity to point out that there was a dangerous crime trend going on.

Hillary Clinton played the game. She apologized and said she wouldn’t use the word again. The protester who shut her down said that wasn’t enough on CNN, because she didn’t apologize for mass incarceration.

At this point, it’s important to point out what “mass incarceration” really means; it’s a euphemism for the Black Power movement’s longtime political goal of literally releasing every single black person from prison, jail, or other confinement.

This goes back to the 1966 Black Panther party 10-point platform, which explicitly called for every single black person to be released from custody. Not innocent black people. Not “unjustly treated” black people. All black people.

If you want a clear understanding of how this “mass incarceration” agenda really works, read this recent Breitbart News article that goes into its history as well as how the media covers it up.

In the video that has been shown of Bill Clinton’s Philadelphia speech, you can’t make out the signs clearly, but they are referring to the super predator comment by Hillary Clinton.

Hillary’s apology wasn’t good enough, because it will never be good enough, because the goal is completely unreasonable. It’s so unreasonable that the left-leaning media won’t explain to you what the actual goal is, even though the proponents are very clear on it.

So in Philadelphia on Thursday, Bill Clinton snapped. Even though Bill Clinton accidentally told the truth in order to protect his wife’s presidential ambitions, let’s hope that the three Republicans running for president will take this opportunity to actually expose the mass incarceration agenda.

Hear the interview:

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