This combination of pictures created on April 1, 2018 shows a file photo taken on November 19, 2017 of Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (L) attending the weekly cabinet meeting in Jerusalem and a file photo taken on December 15, 2017 of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan during the inauguration …

Report: Netanyahu Called Erdogan ‘Unpredictable and Reckless’

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly told the foreign ministers of Greece and Cyprus last month that he is deeply pessimistic about Turkey’s future as a democracy under President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and said he believes its economy is destined for further decline.


EU Calls on Member States to Cough up For ‘Africa Trust Fund’

BRUSSELS (AP) – European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini is urging EU member countries to put more money into an Africa trust fund as the bloc looks to set up migrant screening centers outside Europe. Mogherini said Monday that

© AFP/File | Israel hopes its gas reserves will enable it to forge strategic ties within the region and become a supplier for Europe

Egypt Celebrates $15 Billion Israel Gas Deal

CAIRO — The Egyptian president declared on Wednesday that his country “scored a goal” by signing a $15 billion deal with an Israeli company to supply natural gas that will help turn Egypt into a regional energy hub.

Photo dated 13 July 2006 showing power cables in Germany. A sudden weekend surge in demand for electricity in Germany 04 November 2006, due to freezing weather plunged much of Europe into blackness as France and other power exporting countries found their grids overtapped.

Work on Israel-Cyprus-Greece Electricity Link to Start in 2018

NICOSIA, Cyprus — A Cypriot official said work on an electric cable linking the power grids of Israel, Cyprus and Greece is on track to start in the first quarter of 2018 after Greek and Cypriot regulators approved the project.


African, European Leaders Meet to Discuss Migrant Crisis

Seven African and European leaders are meeting in Paris on Monday to discuss ways to stem the flow of migrants into Europe from northern Africa. French President Emmanuel Macron has invited his counterparts from Niger and Chad as well as


Iran Extends Reach With Fight for Land Link to Mediterranean

Thousands of Iranian-backed fighters in Syria’s central desert region are advancing east, bringing Tehran closer to its goal of securing a corridor from its border, through Iraq and all the way to the Mediterranean and providing it unhindered land access to its allies in Syria and Lebanon for the first time.


Libya: Warlord Orders Navy to Confront Ships Invited by Libyan Government

Libyan Field Marshal Khalifa Hifter ordered his naval forces to confront foreign ships entering Libyan waters without military permission. The ships most likely to be confronted are Italian boats sent at the request of Libya’s internationally-recognized civilian government to help manage the migrant crisis.


Egyptian Police Say They Foiled Church Bombing

Egyptian police said on Saturday they foiled a church bombing by arresting a cell including the would-be attackers, two months after suicide bombers killed dozens of church goers in two attacks.

Libyan coastguard / migrant boat

Up to 245 Migrants Missing After Smugglers Wreck Two Ships

GENEVA (AP) — U.N. agencies say up to 245 migrants and refugees are missing and feared dead following two recent shipwrecks of smugglers’ boats in the Mediterranean Sea. UNHCR says one of its partner agencies, the International Medical Corps, reported

DOVER, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 21: The Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov passes through the English channel on October 21, 2016 near Dover, England. The Russian Navy's flotilla of warships is presumed to be heading to the eastern Mediterranean to support the Russian military's current deployment in Syria. (Photo by Leon …

Russia’s ‘Sad, Smoky’ Aircraft Carrier Fails Mediterranean Syria Mission

According to a report by the UK Daily Mail, Russia has just about given up on launching missions into Syria from its aircraft carrier, the Admiral Kuznetsov, following a “calamitous voyage from Russia to the Mediterranean.” Fighters and bombers from the carrier have reportedly been moved to the Syrian air base at Hmeymim.

MUGLA, TURKEY: A sea squid (L) and white coral (R), two species under protection in Turkey, are seen in the Mediterranean off the coast of Fethiye 11 March 2005. AFP PHOTO / TARIK TINAZAY (Photo credit should read TARIK TINAZAY/AFP/Getty Images)

Ancient Shellfish Used for Purple Dye Disappeared From Eastern Mediterranean Sea

The shellfish that was one of the main sources of Tyrian purple – one of the most storied and valuable trading products in the ancient world – has disappeared from the eastern Mediterranean coast, amid warnings of an ongoing multi-species collapse blamed on global rises in sea temperatures.

migrants Italy

1,400 Migrants Rescued by Italian Coastguard in One Day

(REUTERS) – Some 1,400 boat migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean from North Africa to Europe have been rescued so far on Tuesday, Italy’s coastguard said, after at least 11 overcrowded boats set out from Libya amid calm seas.