WashPo: Trump Will Announce Anti-Caravan Plan on Tuesday

President Donald Trump will announce Tuesday how plans to use his extraordinary powers over legal immigration to block the caravan and other asylum-seeking economic migrants, according to the Washington Post. 


Trump Rejects ’60 Minutes’ Pressure, Promises Border Fixes

President Donald Trump rejected pressure from the 60 Minutes TV show and suggested he would renew policies which allow migrant job-seekers to be prosecuted, even if they bring a child to trigger the 2015 Flores catch-and-release loophole.


Trump Shuts ‘UAC’ Child-Smuggling Routes

Illegal-immigrant parents are increasingly reluctant to pick up their smuggled “Unaccompanied Alien Children” from agency shelters, forcing officials to transfer many stranded youths to a new overflow shelter in Texas.


Report: GOP Cuts Funds for Rep. Yoder in Tough Race

GOP leaders have withdrawn $1.2 million in promised campaign funding for Kansas Rep. Kevin Yoder, who is facing a tough reelection race after endorsing a series of job-outsourcing programs in an August vote, according to TheHill.com.


Poll: Public Blames Business for Illegal Migration

Most Iowa voters say unscrupulous employers deserve most of the blame for illegal migration because they offer jobs to illegals, according to a poll of 801 adults in Iowa.


Report: Trump’s ICE Spikes Deportations in 2018

President Donald Trump’s enforcement officials have sharply boosted the repatriation of non-criminal illegal immigrants in the nine months up to July 2018, according to the Associated Press news service.

border wall

Trump Says Only $1.6 Billion For Border Wall in 2019

President Donald Trump told reporters that Congress would only approve $1.6 billion for a wall in the pending 2019 budget, dashing hopes that Congress would provide $5 billion for a concrete border-wall in 2019.