Miracle on Ice Celebrates 35th Anniversary

The living members of the miracle team gathered at Lake Placid this weekend to relive the magical moment. Over 5,000 fans gathered at the rink, now named Herb Brooks Arena, to celebrate the men.

Mike Eruzione

Man in Mysterious Coma for 12 Years Was Aware of Everything Around Him

When Martin Pistorius was 12 years old, an unknown serious illness caused him to fall into a coma, where he remained for the next 12 years. Despite his poor prognosis, his family continued to care for him, not knowing their son could hear them and was aware of all that was happening around him. Now, he has written a book about that experience.

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Chihuahua Brought Back to Life After Being Declared Dead

A 3-year-old Chihuahua in Chula Vista, California who died on the operating table was brought back to life by a veterinarian who refused to give up on her. Julietta died on Tuesday, but Dr. Juli Maher gave her a second chance at life.

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