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Another Jihadi John? Second Islamic State Jailer Identified as Londoner

Another member of Islamic State’s self-proclaimed  ‘Beatles’ prison guards has been identified as a Londoner who once joined an aid convoy to Gaza organised by George Galloway. Alexanda Kotey, 32, from Shepherd’s Bush, brutally tormented foreign prisoners in Islamic State-held territory in Syria,

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Islamic State Pays Homage To Dead Jihadi John In Latest Propaganda Mag

Islamic State has confirmed the death of notorious British terrorist known as “Jihadi John” in the latest issue of the organisation’s magazine Dabiq. The Islamic State names “Jihadi John’ as Abu Muharib Al-Muhajir and describes him as originally from the Arabian peninsula

beheading british muslims

ISIS Video Star ‘Jihadi John’ Targeted by U.S. Drone Strike

The English-speaking masked terrorist who has appeared in many ISIS murder videos, known as “Jihadi John” but long ago identified as 27-year-old British expatriate Mohammed Emwazi, has been targeted by a drone strike near the Islamic State’s capital of Raqqa, Syria.

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Jihad John Was Refused Entry To Tanzania Because He Was Drunk

Mohammed Emwazi, the terrorist killer known as Jihad John, was refused entry to Tanzania because he got off the plane “very drunk” and was abusive to passengers on the flight from Amsterdam. He travelled to the Tanzania in 2009 with

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Father’s Response to Jihadi John Joining ISIS: ‘F*** You, I Hope You Die’

The father of Mohammed Emwazi, also known as Jihadi John, called his son a “dog, an animal and a terrorist.” Jihadi John beheaded numerous Western hostages of the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL). Jassem Emwazi, 51, called his colleague on Monday to explain why he missed work at a supermarket near the Kuwait-Iraq border.

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