Egyptian Media: Country’s Religious Authority Is Cultivating Extremism

TEL AVIV – Elements of the Egyptian press are slamming the country’s supreme religious authority, Al Azhar institutions, for continuing to cultivate extremism despite the authority’s claim that it welcomes President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi’s call for a religious revolution to combat extremist Islamist ideology.


Donald Trump: ‘We Have to Maybe Check, Respectfully, Mosques’

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump repeated his suggestion to ban Muslims from entering the United States until a proper vetting system is put into place and the need to surveillance mosques in order to prevent terrorism during his campaign rally on Wednesday in Atlanta, Georgia.

Brooklyn Mosque AP

Shutting Down Islam’s Cauldrons of Hate

Four days after the November 13 Paris attacks, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said the U.S. will have “absolutely no choice” but to close down mosques where “some bad things are happening.” He suggested people need to—and are finally starting to—understand this.

Two-year-old Aiden Abdelaziz prays next to his dad Mohamed Abdelaziz (L) during prayers at the Dar Al-Hijrah Mosque, December 4, 2015 in Falls Church, Virginia. Members of Congress and media were invited to visit the Friday Prayers at the mosque two weeks after it was attacked with Molotov cocktails and …

Tunisia to Close 80 Radical Mosques in Response to Terrorist Attack

The Tunisian government has reportedly announced that it will close down political parties and associations promoting radical Islam, including a mosque where a gunman who recently killed at least 38 people at a Tunisian beach resort is believed to have been radicalized, reports The Sydney Morning Herald.

Terrorist Attacks On Tunis Beach Resort Kills At Least 27 Tourists

Peter King: Time to Go Into Mosques

Wednesday on NewsMax TV’s “The Steve  Malzberg Show,” Rep. Peter King (R-NY) said the terrorist attack in Paris was carried out by “vicious unprincipled animals,” and we need to start gathering intelligence “on the ground” again, which “means going into

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