NHS failings

Free Personal Trainers For the Overweight, Courtesy Of NHS

The NHS will now pay for people at risk of developing diabetes to have free “motivational coaches” to held them with their diet and encourage them to exercise. The “one-to-one health trainers” will be offered as part of the Diabetes

Maria Jose Delgado helps lead a Zumba exercise class in a low-income neighborhood of Denver

Farage Was Right: Foreigners Have Abused The NHS For Years

Foreigners have abused the NHS for years as government ministers and health bosses agreed to look the other way in the great health tourist cover-up. The vast scale of health tourism, all funded by British taxpayers, has now been revealed by whisteblowers


It Is Those who Defend the NHS who Are Immoral

And so today we are moved to say the unsayable. We suggest that the NHS, the institution that, according to Nye Bevan, gave us ‘the moral leadership of the world’, is not working. And we go further. We suggest that


Savile Raped Or Assaulted 60 Patients At Stoke Mandeville Hospital

DJ and TV presenter Jimmy Savile raped or sexually assaulted at least 60 patients at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, including seriously ill children, a report has concluded. Savile, who is now accepted to have been one of the most notorious sex

Jimmy Saville

National Health Service ‘Crushes’ Whistleblowers, Report Reveals

A report into whistleblowing in Britain’s socialised health service has revealed how those who speak up are sidelined and ‘crushed’. The investigation by Sir Robert Francis QC has also taken two months longer than expected because the inquiry was inundated

A report into whistleblowing in Britain's socialised health service has …