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Turkey Welcomes U.S. Syria Strike, Urges No-Fly Zone

Turkey on Friday welcomed a US missile strike on a Syrian regime airbase in retaliation for a suspected chemical attack, calling for a no-fly zone in the country to prevent further bloodshed.

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Clinton Eyes ‘Negotiated’ Syria No-Fly Zone

LAS VEGAS, Nevada – Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton stood behind her pledge to create a no-fly zone in Syria Wednesday, but said it would have to be negotiated rather than imposed.


World View: U.S. and Turkey Headed for Collision in Syria

Contents: Turkey’s Erdogan blames the EU for reneging on the refugee deal; With Turkey ‘left alone,’ Erdogan announces refugee plan conflicting with US plans; A major new flood of refugees starting to flee from Mosul in Iraq

In a speech in New York after attending the UN General Assembly, Erdogan said Washington was mistaken in using the Syrian Kurdish militia the YPG as an ally in the fight against IS

Blessed are the Peacemakers

Christmas is upon us this week, and for Christians, we not only celebrate with family, trees, and gifts. The birth of our Savior is the true reason we celebrate, and during this season, my family and I reflect on Christ’s teachings and their impact on our lives and and our world.

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Marco Rubio Urges Attacks Against Russian Aircraft In Syria

Sen. Marco Rubio has declared in a little-noticed TV interview that the United States should go to war against Russia, merely to block a flood of Muslim immigrants that can otherwise be stopped by a few European border guards.

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2016 Candidates React to Russia’s Campaign in Syria

In a rare moment of bipartisan agreement, both Hillary Clinton and Carly Fiorina have called for the United States and its coalition partners to establish a no-fly zone in Syria to protect U.S.-backed rebel groups – effectively challenging Russia to a military confrontation if it wants to bomb them.

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Turkey Warns of ‘Further Escalation’ in Syria Due to Russian Bombing

Turkey was surprisingly quiet during the first day of Russian bombing in Syria, but they were certain to denounce the action, because they have long criticized the regime of dictator Bashar Assad and have insisted his removal was crucial to resolving the Syrian crisis. The Turks are not terribly fond of the Russians either.

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