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Pac-12 Ends SEC Streak as Top College Conference in NFL Draft

The Pac-12 ended the SEC’s six-year run as the top conference in the NFL Draft by a 1247-1216 score just months after also ending the SEC’s streak of the best seasons by a college conference (see Breitbart Sports story here). It was the first time the Pac-12 topped the draft this century.

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Oregon Rose Bowl Rout Puts Exclamation Point on Pac-12’s Supremacy

When Breitbart Sports calculated that the Pac-12 ranked as the top conference due to being +12 points better than the average team, SEC partisans vehemently disagreed. Few dispute that the Pac-12 stands as No. 1 again in the bowl season with an even more impressive +15.2 point rating.

Oregon Ducks Rose Bowl Photo by Jae Hong AP

Emperor Has No Clothes: SEC Exposed in Drubbings

SEC teams averaged less than 20 points a game against the two Mississippi schools this season. Those two schools played their first games all season against other Power 5 teams New Year’s Eve, and both gave up 42 points by the end of the third quarter.


Irish Win Over LSU Makes Case … For Pac-12

Seven years after a banner flew over Cal’s football stadium reading “SEC rules, Pac-10 drools”–only to have Cal beat Tennessee–the Pac-12 received some help in their claim to be the best conference when Notre Dame upset LSU on Tuesday in the Music City Bowl.

ESPN Screen Shot ND Win