Pacific Ocean


OC Police Chopper Alerts Surfers in Shark Infested Waters

Authorities took to the air via helicopter just off the coast of Orange County, California, on Thursday to warn surfers and paddleboarders to “exit the water calmly” because up to 25 great white sharks were seen plying the waters near the shore.


France, Australia Sign Off Major £30 Billion Stealth Submarine Deal

AFP — France and Australia will sign a multi-billion dollar deal — which Paris has billed as the “contract of the century” — for 12 state-of-the-art submarines, their defence ministers said on Monday. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and France’s Minister

Guang Niu/Getty Images

Report: China to Send Nuclear-Armed Submarine into Pacific

After months of expanding its military capabilities in the South China Sea, the Chinese military is preparing to deploy nuclear-armed submarines to the Pacific Ocean, according to a report published Thursday in The Guardian.

Basking shark (Chris Gotschalk / Wikimedia Commons)

Rare, Enormous Shark Seen off California Coast

Tourists aboard a whale-watching boat two miles off Capistrano Beach Thursday evening spotted two rare basking sharks — the second-largest fish of any kind in the ocean, and a species so rare there is a special hotline for sightings.

Entangled whale net (Christine Armario / Associated Press)

El Niño Causes More Whales to Get Stuck in Nets

The warmer temperature of the eastern Pacific Ocean due to El Niño this year has created a life-threatening problem for whales traveling through the waters of California, luring them toward the coast, where they are entangled in fishing gear used by fishermen, crabbers and lobstermen.

Abalone Fishing (Ben Margot / Associated Press)

Deadly Abalone Season Claims Another Life

Two friends visiting northern California and fishing for abalone–a lucrative mollusc delicacy–were caught off guard while when a tide came in that forced the men up a sheer rock wall, one falling to his death 75 feet below. The incident is the fourth abalone-related death in the Mendocino region since the red abalone season began April 1.