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palestinian terror

Victims’ Family Members to Trump: Peace Not Possible Until Palestinian Authority Stops ‘Sanctifying’ Terror

TEL AVIV – Relatives of American-Israeli victims of Palestinian terror attacks warned President Donald Trump’s advisors Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt on Friday that peace between Israel and the Palestinians was impossible until the Palestinian Authority ends both of its policies of paying salaries to terrorists and their families and inciting and educating violence against Israelis.

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Palestinian Authority: Payments to Terrorists a ‘Social Responsibility’

Speaking in the name of Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, PA spokesman Nabil Shaath said the Palestinians have a “social responsibility” to offer monetary payouts to the families of prisoners in Israeli jails because they are “political prisoners,” and that the payouts are the PA’s way of “look(ing) after innocent people affected by the incarceration or killing of their loved ones as a result of the military occupation.”


Israel Condemns London Attack, Lawmakers Compare With Palestinian Terror

TEL AVIV – Israel’s Foreign Ministry and members of Knesset on Sunday condemned the “horrific” London terror attacks, with Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan remarking that now there was a “greater understanding” in Britain of Israel’s long-suffering history of Palestinian terrorism.

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Ohio Attack Mimicked Palestinian Terror Tactics

TEL AVIV – The car-ramming and stabbing attack at Ohio State University on Monday looked eerily familiar to Israelis who have fallen victim to the exact same terror tactics since the recent wave of Palestinian violence began last fall.

Ohio State students duck under police tape after a shelter-in-place notification was lifted following an attack Monday, Nov. 28, 2016, at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. (Joshua A. Bickel/The Columbus Dispatch via AP)

12-Year-Old Palestinian Nabbed with Knife, Firebombs

Israeli security forces on Sunday evening thwarted a stabbing and firebombing attack by a Palestinian minor, who was arrested near a Border Police base in the West Bank, a spokesperson for Israel Police said.

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Netanyahu: Every Day More Countries Turn to Israel to Fight Terror

TEL AVIV – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu linked Islamic State terrorism to that of the Palestinians, saying on Wednesday that both are motivated by hope and pursue the same goals. “I already said many times that terrorism is caused not

An Israeli policeman stands guarding the street as Christian worshippers attend a procession during the Palm Sunday march at the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem on March 20, 2016.

American Teen Killed in Palestinian Terror Attack

Ezra Schwartz , an 18-year-old American from Massachussetts who was visiting Israel, was shot and killed Thursday in a Palestinian terror attack, as part of a wave of Palestinian terror resulting in the deaths of five innocents.