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Jerry Brown signature (Kevork Djansezian / Getty)

Jerry Brown Grants Another 112 Pardons for Christmas

California Gov. Jerry Brown, continuing his practice of granting clemency before major Christian holidays, pardoned another 112 people, bring his total as governor to record 1,258.


Ann Coulter – Key to Trump’s Victory: Math

The reason California can’t elect a Republican statewide isn’t that Hispanics got even madder at Republicans since Proposition 187. It’s that they’re a much larger part of the electorate, thanks to: (1) Reagan’s amnesty; and (2) the ACLU running to a Jimmy Carter-appointed judge to get Proposition 187 overturned.

Ivy League

Arizona SCOTUS Case Could Throw Out CA House Districts

A lawsuit initiated by the Republican-controlled Arizona legislature, which is on its way to the United States Supreme Court, could have major implications for Congressional Districts here in California.