Plain Packaging

As Australia Shows, Plain Packaging For Cigarettes Does Not Work

Plain packaging of cigarettes, heralded as the “next giant leap” to reduce smoking, is more of a euphemism. Critics describe it as more “medical pornography”, with sometimes grotesque images of gangrenous feet, rotting teeth, and cancer-riddled lungs. But it also has unintended consequences for law and order, with the poorest and most vulnerable paying the highest price.


Gauloises Maker Appeals French Plain Package Law

Seita, the French subsidiary of Britain’s Imperial Tobacco and the maker of the iconic Gauloises and Gitanes cigarettes, said Tuesday it would appeal to France’s top court against regulations imposing plain packaging. The appeal to the Council of State, France’s

Lille, FRANCE: A crushed Gauloises cigarette packet lays before the Franco-Spanish Altadis fatory in Lille 31 August 2005 as the factory stops producing the legendary cigarettes, bringing to an end almost a century of history.

Tories Revolt over Plain Packaging for Cigarettes

Further evidence of Tory splits over the introduction of Plain Packaging for cigarettes has emerged as Conservatives lined up to attack their health minister Jane Ellison, who pushed the measure through. It is understood that the plans were not signed

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