Growing Pains for Spain’s Podemos as Rifts Emerge

Podemos has risen at meteoric speed to become Spain’s third political force in just two years, but rifts and tensions are starting to bruise the far-left party’s image of watertight unity. Led by the charismatic Pablo Iglesias, the grouping has

Political Chaos in Spain after Far-Left Surges in Election

Spain is facing political chaos after yesterday’s election produced no clear winner and saw a surge in support for the far-left. The governing conservative People’s Party of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy remains the largest party but fell well short of


No Podemos: Spanish Radical Leftists in Complete Poll Collapse

The radical leftist party Podemos (“We Can”) that took Spain by storm last year is suffering major poll losses leading into Spain’s parliamentary elections in November, a new government poll shows, as Spanish observers grow wary of socialism following the decline of the Greek economy.


Report: Spanish Socialist Party Funded by Illicit Venezuelan Money

Spain’s new radical leftist party, Podemos (Spanish for “We Can”), is embroiled in a new corruption scandal, this time accused in a complaint by the attorney coalition Clean Hands (“Manos Limpias”) funding itself with “undeclared” Venezuelan money acquired during “diplomatic” trips to the socialist nation.


Syriza’s Spanish Allies Hold Rally Against Anti-Austerity

Greece’s new anti-austerity Prime Minister Alexis Tsipris has a strengthening ally in Spain as divisions firmly appear amongst eurozone members. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has ruled out cancelling any of Greece’s debt, saying banks and creditors have already made substantial cuts