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polar bears

Delingpole: The Ugly Truth About that Dying Polar Bear

Have you seen the footage of that dying polar bear yet? It’s sad. Very sad. You can see why it has gone viral and been all over the media from the Mail (“soul-crushing footage”) to CBC to the Washington Post (“we stood there crying”).

Polar Bear (Bernd / AFP / Getty)

WATCH: Calais Migrants Open Lorry To Find Giant Polar Bear

A group of migrants attempting to make illegal entry into the United Kingdom were shocked after they prised open a lorry in Calais to find it was occupied by a huge polar bear in transit to a wildlife park in

Polar Bear Calais Migrants

More Bad News for Alarmists: Polar Bears Doing Just Fine

Today, as I’m sure you know, is International Polar Bear Day. And I’m afraid the news is bad… …Bad news, that is, for all those environmentalists from David Attenborough downwards who have spent the last few years assiduously bigging up

A World Wildlife Fund photograph taken along the western shore of Hudson Bay in November 2010 shows a female polar bear with two cubs near Churchill, Canada, in this file image released to Reuters on February 9, 2011.