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Cuban Ex-Political Prisoner Described Acoustic Torture Resembling Attacks on U.S. Diplomats

In testimony published Thursday, Luís Zúñiga – a Cuban dissident who spent 19 years in political prison – detailed his experience seeing the use of “acoustic attacks” on political prisoners to damage their brains and ultimately kill them. His testimony described a tool that resembled theories of how some U.S. diplomats may have been severely injured by sonic devices in Havana.

A Cuban inmate remains in his cell at the maximum security 'Combinado del Este' prison, in Havana, on April 9, 2013. Cuban authorities organized a visit for the international media --the only one in the last nine years-- to the biggest prison in Cuba, to show the press the prison …

Cuba Responds to Vatican Appeal by Releasing Zero Political Prisoners

The communist regime of Cuba, in an apparent attempt to curry international favor, has announced it will pardon 787 common criminals in response to Pope Francis’s call for mercy towards the imprisoned. There is no indication any of these are prisoners of conscience, as Havana officially denies the existence of political prisoners.

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Meet the Half-Blind Cuban Dissident Arrested Live on ESPN

The Cuban government exerted extraordinary efforts this week to keep pro-democracy activists out of sight of international media. They failed, with one dissident demanding freedom for prisoners of conscience live on ESPN. That dissident: Yasser Rivero Boni, a political prisoner himself and the son of a member of the Ladies in White movement.

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Iran Holds US Reporter for Months Before ‘Kafkaesque’ Espionage Trial

Washington Post bureau chief Jason Rezaian has been languishing in an Iranian prison cell for nearly nine months, with only the most cursory access to legal counsel. The newspaper reports today that Rezaian is having significant problems being allowed to speak to his attorney, and will remain in prison until his trial begins for “espionage.”

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On Cuba, Obama’s SOTU Self-Praise for Political Prisoner Advocacy Rings Hollow

President Obama’s State of the Union speech tonight, like so many of its predecessors, relied heavily on America’s moral duty to lead the world in values for its applause lines. The President vowed to “respect human dignity,” to “defend free speech, and advocate for political prisoners, and condemn the persecution of women, or religious minorities, or people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender,” to robust audience support.

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Marco Rubio Criticizes Cuba for Delaying Prisoner Release

There isn’t much for the United States in any of President Obama’s lame-duck fire-sale deals with foreign dictators. One of the very, very few things Cuba was expected to do, in exchange for billions of dollars pumped into the Castro’s pockets by relaxed U.S. sanctions, was release some of the political prisoners rotting in its dungeons.

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