Rotting Shack Sells for $400,000 in San Francisco

A dilapidated, 765-square-foot earthquake shack in San Francisco sold for $408,000 this week–a deal that is seen as a bargain considering the difficulty of finding a home under half a million dollars in the city’s surging real estate market.

Shack (Redfin)

China Worries About Greece as Everyone Worries About China

China is teetering on the edge of a 1929-style stock market meltdown, and Greece might be about to exit the Euro. China is worried about what the Grexit, or an even larger collapse of the Euro, might do to its house-of-cards stock market. Everybody else is worried about what a Chinese collapse could do to their markets, especially since Western socialists have sold so much of their own nations to China over the years.

The Associated Press