Rebels of Google

Report: YouTube Search Update Buries Ann Coulter Video

YouTube’s search algorithm update appears to favor videos from mainstream outlets over those from independent YouTubers, according to a report by Information Liberation, which studied the placement of an interview with Ann Coulter in the site’s search results.

Conservative author Ann Coulter (Associated Press)

Quillette: ‘Thinking Critically About Social Justice’

Free speech platform Quillette recently published an opinion piece titled “Thinking Critically About Social Justice” which discussed the recent decision of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) in the case of former Google engineer James Damore.


Madine: It Is Time for Google to Change Its Infamously Difficult Interview Questions

Google’s interview process is notoriously difficult, stretching the brainpower of the brightest whiz kids from the top schools in the country to determine if they are good enough to join the best. But Google’s focus has shifted its focus markedly, from being the best tech company on Earth to being the Internet’s morality police force — and its interview process will have to change to keep up.