Rebels of Google: Employee Reprimanded for Describing Campus Streaker As ‘Crazy Person’


Speaking exclusively to Breitbart News, an anonymous Google employee provided insight directly into the tech company’s office culture, language policing, and persecution for ideological wrongthink.

Breitbart News spoke to a current Google employee (alias “Tommy”) who outlined the company’s strictly leftist office culture and explained how saying the wrong thing or holding the wrong opinion can lead to severe repercussions within Google, ranging from reprimands by superiors to — in some cases — firings.

Breitbart News asked Tommy if he felt that there was a general bias against conservatives at Google, Tommy replied with an interesting answer that gives us some insight into how conservatives are viewed within the tech industry. “Some people will openly disrespect you if you voted for Donald Trump,” said Tommy. “It is common to see forum posts claiming that the Republican Party is the party of white supremacy or comparing us to Nazis. Although we are trained to assume good faith from our colleagues, many Googlers show disdain if you cite a story from a conservative news source, particularly Breitbart.  They’ll think less of you if they know you are conservative.”

For anyone that has been following Breitbart’s “Rebels of Google” series, this statement will not be shocking. What is surprising though was the second part of Tommy’s answer, “Sometimes a coworker will claim that he respects and values conservatives, but only as long as those conservatives share his views on social issues.  So a John Kasich Republican might be considered acceptable, but a Trump Republican would not be acceptable.  Supporting restrictions on immigration makes you persona non grata.” This would imply that establishment Republicans and RINO’s are quite acceptable within the liberal tech world but conservatives that may fall outside of the Republican party establishment are not tolerated.

Tommy talked about the company’s stances on social issues and how they express their support of certain political groups, such as Black Lives Matter, on the Google campus. “The company goes completely overboard on LGBT issues, Black Lives Matter, and intersectional feminism,” said Tommy, “Pride Month is an epic celebration with outdoor live-DJ parties, giant statues on the main campus that stay up for weeks, and rainbow logos everywhere.  Black Lives Matter activity ebbs and flows depending on what’s happening in the news; the company is always eager to get Googlers involved in those efforts and to hand out free merchandise such as Google-branded BLM hoodies.” Breitbart has confirmed that Google branded BLM hoodies do exist and are available for sale.

Tommy continued to say, “every executive on stage at the weekly all-hands meeting is wildly enthusiastic about every one of these initiatives. The Internal Comms department constantly sends us newsletter emails featuring one of the above themes, providing a steady stream of indoctrination and encouraging us to become “allies.”  There are several intranet forums dedicated to #resisting the Trump administration and various other forms of far-left activism. Celebrations of events that are important to conservatives, like Easter or Memorial Day, are non-existent.  Others would look at you funny if you even asked.” Breitbart has previously reported on Google’s supposed unwillingness to celebrate holidays such as Easter in the past.

One story that Tommy told Breitbart News serves as a particularly good example of Google’s over the top PC culture and language policing. Tommy spoke of a day when a man ran across Google’s Mountain View campus completely naked. An employee referred to this streaker as a “crazy person” and was apparently reprimanded for their use of language that may be derogatory towards those with mental issues.

“If you defy the politically correct orthodoxy they will tell you that you’re actively harming women and minorities.  If you don’t recant, they’ll escalate to Human Resources and your managers,” Tommy said, describing the strict PC culture that employees must work under. “The language policing is aggressive to the point of crippling discourse: for instance, one person got in trouble with his VP for using the term ‘crazy person’ to describe a mentally troubled individual who was caught running through the Googleplex naked.  Employees have also been turned into HR for using terms like ‘retarded.'”

Tommy continued to confirm something Breitbart News had suspected following conversations with other employees, “The company encourages aggressive reporting of your peers to HR, in their effort to stomp out alleged sexism and bias.  The approved orthodoxy states that women and minorities are dropping out of the tech industry in droves because white males have an unconscious bias, therefore we need to undergo struggle sessions to correct those biases and punish the ones who do not self-correct.”

Breitbart News has multiple upcoming stories as part of our “Rebels of Google” series which will be published in the coming weeks.

Lucas Nolan is a reporter for Breitbart News covering issues of free speech and online censorship. Follow him on Twitter @LucasNolan_ or email him at


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