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WATCH: Rival Migrant Gangs Erupt Into Violence in Croatia

Migrant-on-migrant violence has broken out in Croatia, the latest flashpoint on the Balkans route into Europe after Hungary sealed its border. Footage has surfaced online, filmed today, of fit young men wildly swinging punches and throwing rocks at each other. Cries


French Defense Minister Warns: ISIS Making Substantial Progress in Syria

French officials have warned that the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) continues to move through Syria with reckless abandon, showing no signs of weakness and eyeing the takeover of the country’s northern region of Aleppo, a city whose residents’ fate grows gloomier each day.

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Jeff Sessions: U.S. Already Takes In More Than ‘Fair Share’ Of Migrants

The United States already admits massive numbers of global migrants and the Middle East should take the lead in resettling the current swell of refugees in that region, according to Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), Chairman of the Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest.

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Canada’s Left Pressures Conservatives to Take In More Migrants

Following the viral spread of images depicting the bodies of drowned Syrians on a Turkish beach–including a three-year-old boy named Alan Kurdi–the Canadian left has sprung to attention to decry what they describe as the Conservative government’s inaction towards assisting migrants and war refugees.

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Up To 200 Drowned As Migrant Boat Sinks Off Libya

A boat packed with mainly African migrants bound for Italy sank off the Libyan coast on Thursday and officials said up to 200 might have died. A security official in the western town of Zuwara, from where the overcrowded boat

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UPDATE: Austria Raises Refugee Truck Death Toll To Above 70

A truck full of refugees discovered abandoned on an Austrian motorway on Thursday contains more than 70 bodies, the interior ministry said on Friday, announcing an updated death toll. Austrian police had originally put the toll at up to 50

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Row Over Permanent ‘Container Village’ For Refugee Tent Camp

Plans to tear down a refugee tent camp and replace it with a “container village” at an Austrian army barracks have provoked a local row. The Mayor of Wals-Siezenheim says the container homes suggest a permanent residential solution, as opposed


‘Breaking Point’ – Denmark Running Out Of Space For Refugees

Denmark’s capacity to admit migrants is near breaking point. With 12,000 refugees searching for a place to live, nearly a third of the nation’s struggling municipalities say that they have little to offer newcomers. A survey published today by Danish newspaper Politiken shows waiting times for