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Rotherham Abuse Trial

Eight Men Convicted of Child Sex Offences in Rotherham

LONDON (Reuters) – Eight men were found guilty on Monday of waging what prosecutors called an “utterly abhorrent” campaign of sexual violence and intimidation against young girls in the Rotherham area of northern England 13 years ago. The defendants faced

LONDON (Reuters) - Eight men were found guilty on Monday …

Rotherham Abuse Trial: Six Guilty of Child Sex Offences

Three men and two woman have been found guilty of multiple sexual offences against girls in the town of Rotherham, with another man having already pleaded guilty. Another two were cleared of all charges. The violent drug-dealing gang led by brothers


Rotherham Abuse Trial: Jury Considering Verdicts

After two months of hearing the evidence, the jury in the Rotherham abuse trial at Sheffield Crown Court is now considering its verdicts for those accused of participating in an alleged Rotherham child grooming ring. Since December the jury has heard allegations of