Same-Sex Adoption

ACLU Sues Michigan over Same-Sex Adoption

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has filed a lawsuit against the state of Michigan for giving adoption agencies the right to deny adoption to same-sex couples, according to a report.

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Italian Court Upholds Landmark Same-Sex Adoption Decision

An Italian appeals court has upheld the right of a woman to adopt her wife’s biological child, a rights group said Wednesday, in a landmark case for the Catholic country as it weighs civil unions for same-sex couples. The decision

same-sex adoption

Non-Churchgoing Mormons Slam Church for Its Policy on Gay Parents

A Saturday rally in Salt Lake City featured Mormons who don’t attend church hectoring the Mormon Church about its new policy, issued on November 5, that bans baptisms for children of gay parents until the kids turn 18 and repudiate same-sex relationships.

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Utah Judge Reverses Order To Remove Child From Lesbian Couple — For Now

Judge Scott Johansen ordered Friday that the baby may stay with April Hoagland and Beckie Peirce – a married lesbian couple – in foster care. However, his decision still leaves the possibility that he could order the child will be removed at a custody hearing on December 4.

Foster parents April Hoagland and Beckie Peirce are photographed on Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2015 in Salt Lake City. A judge who ordered that a baby be taken away from April Hoagland and Beckie Peirce, her lesbian foster parents and placed with a heterosexual couple should follow the law and not …

Pope Inadvertently Gives Blessing to Children’s Book on Gay Families

Though a known opponent of gay marriage and “gender theory,” Pope Francis has unintentionally given his endorsement to a children’s book proposing alternative family styles, including same-sex parents, with a letter from the Vatican Secretariat of State.

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