Scott Rigell

Nat'l Journal Warns Dems: 'It's Not 2008 Anymore'

Nat'l Journal Warns Dems: 'It's Not 2008 Anymore'

The Old Media is getting worried about Barack Obama’s reelection campaign. They see Romney surging and they are beginning to think that there may be no stopping him. Lots of advice is being offered to the Democrats to help them

Still Keeping the Light On

As anticipated, the House vote on Tuesday to repeal the ban on the Thomas Edison standard incandescent light bulb failed, 233-193, primarily because the legislation was considered under a special rule which required a two-thirds majority of the House. However,

What Super Tuesday Told Us

Though the five months between now and Election Day might seem like an eternity in politics, at least one thing is clear: Top tier Republican candidates are solidifying the playing field and ensuring that the GOP will challenge more than