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Crackdown: Austria Signals Tougher Line on Migrants

VIENNA (AFP) –  Austria’s interior minister signalled Friday a tougher line on migrants, saying that from next weekend it will follow Germany’s lead and turn back any new arrivals seeking to claim asylum in Scandinavia. “Right now on the Austrian-German border


Slovenia Called To Consider New Immigration Laws, Burqa Ban

Ban the burqa and enact urgent new immigration laws. That is the simple prescription for social order from Slovenia’s parliamentary opposition as the tiny European nation struggles to cope with the migrant invasion convulsing its borders and interior. A new bill proposed by the

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Austria Rolls Out Razor Wire Border Fence

Austria has started building a razor wire border fence along its frontier with Slovenia despite Chancellor Werner Faymann’s previous statements opposing such barriers. In a major policy U-turn for the Austrian government, police worked overnight Wednesday to secure major border crossings with the new works.

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