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China: Don’t ‘Politicize’ U.S. Diplomat Brain Damage in Consulate

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi warned Americans Wednesday not to “politicize” the revelation that a U.S. diplomat had suffered a mild traumatic brain injury after hearing shrill noises in Guangzhou, China – an incident that recalled the injury of two dozen diplomats in Havana, Cuba, after hearing shrill noises.

China's foreign minister Wang Yi (L) laughs as he shakes hands with North Korea's vice foreign minister Ri Kil Song at Pyongyang airport

Cuban Dissidents Urge Trump to Shut Down Embassies After Sonic Attacks

The Assembly of Cuban Resistance, a coalition of nearly 50 anti-communist, pro-democracy groups, urged President Donald Trump in a letter published Tuesday to close the U.S. Embassy in Havana and its Cuban counterpart in Washington following a spate of sonic attacks that have left dozens of American diplomats with significant injuries.

An old American car passes by the US Embassy in Havana on December 17, 2015. The United States announced Thursday the resumption of regular flights to and from Cuba, the latest step in a historic thaw in relations. "On December 16, the United States and Cuba reached a bilateral arrangement …