Steve Forbes

CNN Narrows Trump Veepstakes Pick Down to Five

Tuesday on CNN’s “New Day,” publishing executive and two-time presidential candidate Steve Forbes was asked to predict who he thought might be likely pick to be presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump running mate in this fall’s presidential election. Forbes


Steve Forbes Praises Trump, Bashes Rubio Tax Plan

Sunday, former GOP presidential candidate Steve Forbes heaped praise on GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s on Sunday radio show “The Cats Roundtable” on AM 970 in New York. Forbes speculated union leaders would support Hillary Clinton, but “the rank and file, a big chunk

Steve Forbes

Bulldoze the U.S. Tax Code

There is no excuse for today’s federal tax system. It obstructs wealth-creation and jobs. The only interests it serves well are those of the political class. When they debate among themselves about the proper level of taxation, it’s clear that they think the federal government can tax at any level they want.

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