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Feminists Need To Know — Islam Kills Women

I used to be a feminist, but I gave it up so I could speak out for women’s rights. Even before the “intersectional”, “how many genders are there?” lunacy took over, feminism was filled to bursting with types who think

islam kills women

UK Islamic School Inspectors Discover Books ‘Promoting Stoning People To Death’

An Islamic school in East London has failed a government inspection after literature promoting “inequality of women and punishments, including stoning to death” was found in the library, which could “unwittingly” promote “extremism”. The private Jamiatul Ummah School teaches 158 boys aged 11

Muslim School Islam Tower Hamlets

Boko Haram Terrorists Stoned Girls to Death Upon Realizing Rescue was Near

The good news that up to 700 girls and women have been rescued from captivity under the Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram has been tempered this week by their stories, including those who lived to tell that the terrorists began stoning women and girls to death when they realized their captives were close to being rescued.

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