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Italy Set to Break Yearly Immigration Record in 2016

With more than 168,500 migrants landing on Italian shores since January and more pouring in every day, 2016 promises to break previous records for the number of migrants arriving on the peninsula.

Migrant rescue

Send New Migrants ‘Back to Africa,’ Says German Interior Minister

Germany’s Minister of the Interior has launched a controversial proposal to return seafaring African migrants home rather than bringing them to Italy, in order to discourage more people from attempting the dangerous crossing. Minister Thomas de Maizière said Sunday that

TOPSHOT - Migrants and refugees wait to be rescued from their sinking rubber boat some eight nautical miles off Libya's Mediterranean coastline on October 12, 2016. A growing number of people are attempting the treacherous sea journey from Libya or Egypt, after the closure of the Balkan migrant trail route …

Shipwrecks Kill 240 Migrants off Libyan Coast

At least 239 migrants have drowned in two shipwrecks off the coast of Libya on Thursday, while during the same day rescuers saved more than 760 survivors in a series of operations.

This handout picture taken and released by the Italian Red Cross on October 22, 2016 shows migrants landing in Vibo Marina, after a rescue operation in the Mediterranean Sea. Nine people drowned, ten were missing and nearly 1000 migrants were rescued off the Libyan coast on October 22, with over …

Thousands More Migrants Arrive in Italy Over Weekend

Massive migration into Italy continues unabated, as some 6,100 migrants were rescued at sea over the weekend as they attempted to cross the Strait of Sicily from North Africa into Italy.


Warm Weather Brings Thousands More Migrants to Italy’s Shores

Favorable weather conditions have brought about a significant increase in the number of migrant-laden rafts and barges setting out from North Africa to Italy, with several thousand being rescued in the Strait of Sicily over the past two days.

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7,100 More Migrants Rescued in Mediterranean Sea in Past Two Days

With a reprise of warm weather, record numbers of migrants have attempted crossing the Mediterranean from North Africa into Italy this week, with more than 7,000 migrants rescued and taken to southern Italy between Thursday and Friday.

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Over 2,000 Migrants Rescued Off Libyan Coast, Taken to Italy

In a series of rescue operations, the Italian coast guard, flanked by vessels from other European organisations, rescued more than 2,000 migrants along the coast of Libya Thursday, and subsequently took them to southern Italian port cities to be registered

Migrants and refugees wait to disembark from the Blue Star 1 passenger ship upon their arrival at the port of Piraeus on March 1, 2016.

UN Chief Calls for Expansion of Legal Migration Routes into Europe

“Deeply saddened” by the loss of hundreds of lives of migrants trying to reach Europe by sea, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has praised the joint rescue operations of Italian and European forces, while calling for “a comprehensive and collective response” as well as “expanded legal pathways” for migrants to enter Europe.

Migrant deaths

Migrant Shipwreck Off Libya Leaves 7 Dead, 500 Rescued

In the latest tragedy in the Strait of Sicily an overloaded barge carrying more than 500 migrants capsized off the Libyan coast Wednesday, resulting in the drowning of at least seven of the passengers.