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China’s Top Uyghur Region Official in Hacked Speech: ‘We Must Exercise Firm Control over Religious Believers’

An audio transcript of a May 2017 meeting chaired by China’s top Communist Party official in the country’s western Xinjiang territory published on Tuesday reveals the regional chief urged Xinjiang officials to “exercise firm control over the religious community,” referring to the largely Sunni Muslim, Turkic-speaking Uyghur ethnic minority in Xinjiang.

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Hezbollah Ally Aoun Tipped for Lebanon Presidency

Lebanon’s powerful ex-premier Saad Hariri is expected to endorse Hezbollah ally Michel Aoun for president, a post that has been vacant for almost 30 months, a senior politician said Wednesday.

A Lebanese Hezbollah supporter holds a picture of the militant group's Christian ally

Iran Says Blacklisting Hezbollah May Jeopardize Lebanon’s Stability

Iran accused Gulf Arab neighbors on Thursday of jeopardizing Lebanon’s stability by blacklisting the Iranian-backed Hezbollah group, state television said, a move likely to stoke tensions in the regional power rivalry between Tehran and Riyadh. The six-member Gulf Cooperation Council

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