Texas Department of Health and Human Services

Texas Hospice Home Owner Accused of Accelerating Deaths for Profit

“You need to make this patient go bye-bye,” a Texas hospice home owner is accused of texting his employee. The CPA who does not have a medical license, is accused of telling medical personnel to administer up to four times the amount of morphine recommended in order to accelerate client deaths and maximize profits.


Feds to Texas: You’ll Take Syrians Whether You Want Them or Not

The Obama Administration got back in the face of Texas Governor Greg Abbott and the other governors who said they would not accept Syrian refugees in their states. The governors were told they must take the Syrian refugees whether they want to or not. The move by the Office of Refugee Resettlement could lead to yet another lawsuit filed by states against the federal government.

Border Fences Much Cheaper Than Mass Migration

Syrians in Texas Say Abbott Cannot Deny Refugees

Governor Greg Abbott’s promise to not help Syrian refugees settle in Texas is being called by some in the Houston Syrian community “un-American.” They are claiming the Governor has no constitutional right to block Syrian refugees.

Syrians in Texas