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Texas Ethics Commission

Texas Fines Wendy Davis for Campaign Finance ‘Violations’

Democrat Wendy Davis, the failed 2014 gubernatorial candidate, and her campaign fundraising cohort Battleground Texas have been fined by the State for not promptly reporting $3.4 million in political contributions four years ago.

Wendy Davis says goodbye.

Texas Ethics Commission Says Border School District Violated Election Law

As concerns over potential electioneering and other election code violations hover over the upcoming state March primary, the Texas Ethics Commission recently found “credible evidence” that the superintendent of a border school district violated the state election code by authorizing the spending of public funds to produce a newsletter that contained political advertising.

Empty classroom

Texas HD 128: Lawsuit Seeks Videos for Use in Campaign

A Republican candidate for state representative filed a lawsuit seeking the right to use legislative videos taken during proceedings of the Texas House of Representatives in his campaign advertising. He claims that the videos highlight votes and positions that his opponent incumbent Wayne Smith (R-Baytown) has taken that are inconsistent with what Smith tells constituents.

Smith Video 1

Bad Judge Tricks: Public Warning Issued Against Democrat Dallas Ex-Judge

Democratic Ex-Judge Carlos Cortez, the Dallas judge who received national media attention when his girlfriend accused him of assaulting her, and leaning her precariously over a balcony, and threatening to kill her, has received a public warning by the Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct. It was not this action, but his statements taped by his ex-girlfriend about his campaign reports that got him admonished. In its Public Warning, the Commission stated it started its investigation because of “widespread,” local, state, and national stories about his conduct, which included allegations of criminal conduct. The Commission also issued the order because his outrageous conduct cast the judiciary as a whole in a bad light.


Texas Ethics Commission Case Against Michael Quinn Sullivan is Dismissed, Again

A Denton County, Texas judge has once again tossed out a ruling by the Texas Ethics Commission (TEC) against Empower Texans President Michael Quinn Sullivan that claimed that he had improperly failed to register as a lobbyist. The court’s ruling, affirmed the previous dismissal of the case by another Denton County judge, 158th District Court Judge Steve Burgess, finding that the TEC’s actions against Sullivan violated the Citizen’s Participation Act.

Michael Quinn Sullivan - Facebook

Michael Quinn Sullivan Wins

A Denton County judge has tossed out a ruling by the Texas Ethics Commission (TEC) against Empower Texans President Michael Quinn Sullivan that claimed that Sullivan had improperly failed to register as a lobbyist. The court not only rejected the TEC’s attempt to transfer the case back to Travis County, but then later ruled that the entire case was to be thrown out.

Michael Quinn Sullivan

Attorney for Michael Quinn Sullivan: ‘The Law Is Very Clear’

Trey Trainor, one of the attorneys representing Empower Texans President Michael Quinn Sullivan in his ongoing battle with the Texas Ethics Commission (TEC), fired back at the TEC, the media, and critics who have questioned Sullivan’s claims of residency in Denton County, saying that “the law is very clear” and questioning the extraordinary lengths and expense that the TEC has devoted to this case.

Michael Quinn Sullivan