The Case to End ‘Truancy’ Gets First Hearing at Texas Capitol

The House Committee for Juvenile Justice & Family Issues heard testimony at the state Capitol in Austin on bills that either eased or ended truancy as a juvenile crime in the state of Texas. More than 200 people signed up to speak before the committee to air their opinions on the hotly contested topic on Wednesday, March 11.

Los Angeles Police Department officers ticket students for truancy in Harbor City

Texas GOP Divided on ‘Former Fetus’ Signs

What started as a protest by pro-life Texas legislators on abortion provider Planned Parenthood’s Day at the Capitol revealed some tensions between Republican legislators as the 84th Legislative Session hits its stride.

Texas Right to Life former fetus signs collage

Texas Court Filings Are Down 17 Percent: Tort Reform Is Blamed

Civil lawsuit filings are down 17 percent in Texas over the last 10 years. Although Texas lawyers put forth a variety of reasons for the drop, the consensus is that tort reform is responsible. The bad news, some say, is that medical malpractice cases have all but been annihilated. W. Mark Lanier of The Lanier Law Firm, says that the majority of medical malpractice cases that should be litigated have to be turned away because of the legal caps on non-economic damages.

Harris County Courtroom

Gun Rights Group Denounces Armed Militants in North Texas

Open Carry Texas has denounced the activities of a North Texas group that has been reportedly stalking police officers while being openly armed. The group is known by Open Carry Tarrant County and received publicity lately for their activities that allegedly included confronting police officers in the performance of their duty. The group members are openly carrying weapons during these encounters.

Open Carry Confrontation in Texas