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Texas Governor Addresses CPS Horrors and Abuses

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has appointed a former chief of the Texas Rangers as new Commissioner of the disgraced Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS). DFPS is the agency responsible for protecting abused and neglected children in the state. Breitbart Texas has reported about the abuses, problems, and overreach in the agency, particularly among CPS caseworkers. DFPS is also referred to as Child Protective Services or “CPS.” There have been horrific abuses of children who are in the state’s foster care system.

Texas CPS Abuses

South Texas Town’s City Hall Shut Down by FBI

A multi-agency law enforcement task force raided and shut down the city hall building of the town of Crystal City, Texas, on Thursday. Five city officials and a Texas businessman were arrested on corruption charges.

FBI Crystal City

Blue Jays Fans, Unaware of Rule, Litter Field with Debris

Toronto Blue Jays fans, unaware of the perfect legality of a tie-breaking run scored by the Texas Rangers in the pivotal fifth game of the ALDS series, hurled debris on the field. The Jays eventually won the game, 6-3.

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Conflicting Witness Statements in Texas Attorney General Case Raise Serious Concerns

A notice filed by special prosecutors in the securities fraud cases against Texas Attorney General Paxton raises potentially exculpatory, as well as damaging evidence. Clint Broden, a lawyer from Dallas who is double-board certified in criminal law told Breitbart Texas, “The notice could be a double-edged sword.”

Paxton in Court

Texas DPS Employee Allegedly Took Bribes to Give Illegal Aliens Driver Licenses

A Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) employee has been arrested for allegedly accepting $1,000-$2,000 bribes to issue Texas driver licenses to illegal aliens who did not legally qualify for those driver licenses. She is accused of fraudulently inputting into the DPS computer system that the illegal aliens were born in the United States.

drivers license

Adrian Beltre Just Third Player Since 1901 to Hit for Cycle Three Times

On Monday, Adrian Beltre of the Texas Rangers, 38, became the third player in modern baseball history to hit for the cycle three times in his career. Beltre slammed a home run in the fifth inning after tripling in the first, doubling in the second, and singling in the third.

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Mourning ‘Professional Hitter’ Darryl Hamilton

As the New York Mets find themselves in a pennant race for the first time in years, largely due to stellar pitching, many have been calling for the team to make a move for some bats. The term “professional hitter” has been thrown around lately on the radio talk shows and in print. The Mets need to add a “professional hitter” they say. Each time I’ve heard that phrase of late Darryl Hamilton came to mind.


EXCLUSIVE: End of Session Interview with Texas Lt Gov Dan Patrick

AUSTIN, Texas – Following the end of the 84th Legislative Session, Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick sat down with Breitbart Texas to discuss the accomplishments of the Senate during the session. Patrick discussed big victories for conservatives in the areas of border security, tax reductions, transportation, and the Second Amendment. He also discussed how procedural changes impacted the Senate’s ability to get things done this session and the differences between being a senator and lt. governor.

Dan Patrick

Letter from a Fake Texas Ranger

According to a DPS spokesman, “There is nothing to substantiate or even remotely suggest that this anonymous letter purportedly from a Texas Ranger is legitimate. In fact, we believe it to be an outright fabrication.”


Judge Appoints Criminal DA to Investigate Texas Attorney General

HOUSTON, Texas– Houston attorneys Kent Schaffer and Brian Wice were appointed today to serve as Collin County Criminal District Attorneys Pro Tem (Latin for temporary) to “assist in the investigation and, if warranted, the prosecution of Ken Paxton for the securities law complaints currently under investigation by the Texas Rangers.” Texas State District Court Judge Scott J. Becker, Local Administrative Judge for Collin County, Texas made this appointment pursuant to the authority of Article 2.07 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure.

HOUSTON, Texas-- Houston attorneys Kent Schaffer and Brian Wice were …

Sexual Assault of Volunteer Firefighter with Sausage Leads to Arrest of Texas Fire Chiefs

A chief and assistant fire chief were arrested by Texas Rangers Thursday for tampering with witnesses in connection with the Waxahachie Volunteer Fire Department sexual assault case. Five firefighters were arrested earlier this week for charges of sexually assaulting a new recruit with a chorizo sausage. A woman, who is not a firefighter, was arrested and charged for videotaping the act with her cellphone.

Firefighters arrested

Five Texas Volunteer Firefighters Arrested for Using Sausage to Sexually Assault Man in Video

Five male volunteer firefighters from Waxahachie, Texas have been arrested for sexually assaulting a new recruit with a chorizo sausage. Affidavits state the man said the firefighters initially tried to assault him with a broom stick. The event was videotaped and according to WFAA-TV, an affidavit states the video shows the firefighters “yelling and laughing with excitement.” The television station reported that the Texas Rangers are calling it a hazing incident.

Waxahachie VFD

Yu Darvish Out for Season, Tommy John Surgery Scheduled

In a crippling blow to the Texas Rangers, three-time All-Star Yu Darvish announced Friday that he will undergo ligament-reconstruction surgery on his right elbow, otherwise known as Tommy John surgery.

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