Thomas Roberts

Axelrod on Hillary Email: ‘I Knew She Had That Account’

Despite having previously denied the existence of a personal email account held by Hillary Clinton during her tenure as secretary of state, it was revealed in a document dump of those emails that had occurred on Tuesday that former Obama


Brock: ‘No Issue,’ No Oversight Problem With Hillary Emails

Media Matters founder and chairman David Brock maintained there was “no issue” and no oversight problems with Hillary Clinton’s emails on Wednesday’s “MSNBC Live.” “I don’t think she was operating without oversight. What we know here is that the relevant


MSNBC’s Roberts: SNL ISIS Sketch ‘Just Like’ Charlie Hebdo

MSNBC host Thomas Roberts argued that an SNL sketch involving ISIS was “just like” Charlie Hebdo on Monday’s “MSNBC Live.” Roberts commented “that’s from Taran Killam, who’s super funny, and I think a lot of people were surprised that maybe this feels