L.A. Times Identifies Family of Slain Israeli Arab as “Palestinian”

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The Los Angeles Times, ignoring facts that would conflict with its anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian messaging, identified Muhammad Musallam, the 19-year-old boy shot and killed by a child from the group Islamic State, as a “Palestinian,” instead of what he actually was–an Israeli Arab who lived in East Jerusalem.

The Times piece began:

A month ago, the family of a young Palestinian man was horrified to discover his photo on the cover of Dabiq, the Islamic State magazine, with an interview inside purporting to detail his recruitment by Israel’s spy agency, Mossad. This week, the family’s worst fears were realized when an Islamic State video showed a child shooting Muhammad Musallam in the back of the head, killing him.

In contrast, the Times of Israel begins its article, in which it interviews Musallam’s father, with: “The father of an Israeli national who was executed by the Islamic State …”. The Jerusalem Post notes in its first paragraph, about the reaction of the family: “Sitting in the wood-paneled family room of their modest apartment in Jerusalem’s primarily Jewish Neveh Ya’acov neighborhood on Wednesday…”.

The Post quotes Musallam’s father, Said, as saying that he would fight with Israel against ISIS, should Israel go to war. He also saysL “My loyalty is to Israel, because my family lives in Jewish neighborhoods and no one gives us any trouble or complications. We believe that we are family. We have the same father, Abraham.”

The Times, however, refused to acknowledge those facts about the deceased victim and his family.


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