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Watchdog: Employees Of UN Agency Support Terror, Hitler, Hamas

TEL AVIV – Palestinian United Nations employees are using social media to praise Hitler, Hamas and terrorists responsible for attacks against Israelis, UN Watch said in a new report presented to a joint Congressional subcommittee on Sunday.

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UN Adopts 6 Resolutions On Israel In One Day, Zero On Rest Of World

TEL AVIV – The UN General Assembly adopted ​six resolutions against Israel in a single day on Tuesday, the NGO UN Watch reported​, including a resolution calling for the ​return of the ​Golan Heights – together with its current inhabitants –​t​o Syria. No resolutions

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Hamas Leader Confused, Posts Pro-Israel Cartoon

A former Hamas Health Minister of the Gaza Strip, Dr Basem Naim, has embarrassed himself with his failure to understand a cartoon. Dr Naim tweeted the picture (above) believing he was making an anti-Israel statement only to find he had