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Iran Suggests Israeli Embassy in Uruguay Bombed Itself to Foster ‘Iranophobia’

The Iranian government is categorically denying involvement in the discovery of a suitcase full of explosives near the Israeli Embassy in Montevideo, Uruguay. In a report carried by Iranian state media, Tehran is said to have responded to the case by claiming that Israeli officials have “ordered attacks” on itself to make Iran look villainous on an international stage.

Iran breaking economic ties with oil

Report: Iranian Diplomat Fled Uruguay After Attempting To Bomb Israeli Embassy

An Iranian official at the Islamic Republic’s embassy was indeed a suspect in a plan to bomb Israel’s embassy in Montevideo, Uruguay, the country’s government confirmed with Israeli media outlet Haaretz. However, he fled the country before the diplomat was officially declared persona non grata, so the bomber was never technically expelled from Uruguay.


Domestic Violence Surge Leads Uruguay to Reject Male Syrian Refugees

The government of Uruguay received international acclaim for its decision last year to accept a high number of refugees from the Syrian Civil War, citing the need for countries across the world to participate in saving the lives of those attempting to escape. It is now reneging on its promise, at least in part: only women and children will be allowed to relocate to Syria, with the government citing a need to quell domestic violence.