Vaclav Klaus

Former Czech President Václav Klaus Makes Surprise Speech at Brexit Rally

Václav Klaus, the Czech statesman who came to prominence during the anti-communist Velvet Revolution in 1989 and who subsequently became both Prime Minister and President of the central European country made a surprise speech the Brexit Party’s Rally for Democracy in London on Tuesday.

Vaclav Klaus

Former Czech President Klaus: EU Resembles Old Communist Regime

STOCKHOLM, Sweden — The European Union (EU) is an irresponsible and undemocratic organisation that is increasingly resembling the old Communist regimes of Eastern Europe, the former Czech President has said. Vaclav Klaus, who served as President of his country from


Former Czech President Vaclav Klaus — ‘Europe Is Full’

Europe is in the midst of the “most serious crisis since World War II” thanks to weak European Union (EU) elites letting in over a million migrants, former Czech President Vaclav Klaus has said. In a robust speech at the