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Chinese Communists Advise Belief in Marx and Lenin, Not ‘Ghosts and Gods’

China’s effort to subjugate religion and firmly establish the primacy of Communist doctrine has already oppressed Christians and marched Muslims into concentration camps. The Party took aim at traditional Chinese superstition this week, strongly advising citizens to put their faith in Marxism and the writings of President Xi Jinping instead of spirits and hexes.

A decorative plate featuring an image of Chinese President Xi Jinping is seen in front of Chinese flags at a souvenir store next to Tiananmen Square in Beijing on February 27, 2018. China's propaganda machine kicked into overdrive on February 27 to defend the Communist Party's move to scrap term …

Seattle’s Statue of Communist Dictator Vladimir Lenin Under Fire

A growing number of people on social media are calling for Seattle’s statue of Communist A growing number of people on social media are calling for the removal of Communist dictator Vladimir Lenin’s statue in Seattle. Vladimir Lenin to be removed.

Seattle’s statue of Communist dictator Vladimir Lenin

The Soviet Union 25 Years On: ‘A Story of Crushing Tyranny and Oceans of Blood’

December 24, 2016 marks the 25th anniversary of the formal end of the Soviet Union as a political entity on the map of the world. A quarter of a century ago, the curtain was lowered on the 75-year experiment in “building socialism” in the country where it all began following the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, led by Vladimir Lenin in November 1917…

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Germans Unearth Long-Discarded Giant Lenin Head for Cold War Exhibit

A long-buried 3.5-ton head of Russian communist icon Vladimir Lenin has been unearthed from its burial place in a Berlin forest to be featured in a new exhibit on German sculptures, decades after Berlin’s residents toppled the statue following the fall of the Cold War.

DPA/AFP/File Andreas Altwein