Same Old Labour: Starmer Compared to ‘Cool’ Lenin and Castro by his Attorney General

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM - MARCH 21, 2019 : Shadow Secretary of State for Exiting the European Un
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Keir Starmer has been compared to communist dictators Vladimir Lenin and Fidel Castro by his Attorney General – in what is a bizarre attempt at a compliment from the socialist MP.

Leader of the British left-wing Labour Party Sir Keir Starmer has been fondly compared to murderous communist icons Vladimir Lenin and Fidel Castro by socialist MP Emily Thornberry – Starmer’s Attorney General – in a tweet on Wednesday.

Thornberry’s leftist compliment comes after the Prime Minister’s Questions in Parliament, where British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Starmer is a “lawyer, not a leader”, in response to Starmer’s repeated, legalistic calls for Johnson to resign over his multiple lockdown rule breaches.

Labour leader Starmer is the former head of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), one of the most senior legal roles in the UK. Nevertheless, it was a role Starmer received criticism for, as under his tenure the CPS made controversial operation decisions like opting to not charge notorious BBC TV host and serial paedophilenecrophiliac Jimmy Saville in 2009.

Starmer being jibed for being a lawyer in Parliament apparently prompted Thornberry to tweet out that she thinks “it’s pretty cool to be in the company of the lawyers Obama, Mandela, Blair, Ghandi, Clinton, Roosevelt, Lenin and Lincoln” – followed by a second Tweet which also added “Attlee, Lloyd George, Castro and if you insist Thatcher.

This is a slightly awkward moment for Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer who has made a concerted effort to rebrand Labour as “patriotic and proud“, and distance Labour from the politics of his predecessor the radical far-left former Jeremy Corbyn, who during his premiership (2015 to 2020) openly stood with communist flags and banners.

While modern British leftists, including it appears elected officials, have attempted to popularise and normalise communist dictators such as Vladimir Lenin, they often fail to acknowledge the horrific crimes they committed.

Following Lenin and the Bolshevik’s takeover of Russia in 1917 “up to 1.3 million” people branded “class enemies” were executed, and similar numbers were placed in early Gulags – a period that is known as the ‘Red Terror’. The head of the Cheka (the Bolshevik’s Secret Police that evolved into the KGB), Martyn Latsis, proudly said at the time: “We are exterminating the bourgeoisie as a class”.

Vladimir Lenin, despite claiming to represent the working people, upon seizing control of Russia abolished democracy and installed himself as a dictator, after his party suffered an embarrassing defeat in a general election for the Russian Constituent Assembly in November 1917.

Fidel Castro – previously described by Jeremy Corbyn as “a champion of social justice” like Lenin also abolished elections and left a trail of death and destruction in his wake.

Even the left-wing paper The Guardian admitted that following Castro’s 1959 Cuban Revolution up to “thousands” of people were executed by the Communist revolutionaries and that under Castro “thousands were jailed in abysmal prisons, thousands more were harassed and intimidated and that entire generations were denied political freedoms”.

Thornberry’s comments were met with disbelief by some users on social media.

Conservative MP Brendan Clarke-Smith tweeted in response: “LENIN!!!! Good grief. What have Labour and Lenin got in common? They’re both stuffed”.

Conservative Councillor Joe Porter also weighed in on the issue tweeting: “I think Emily Thornberry may come to regret referencing mass murder Lenin here…”.

Chairman of The Global Britain Centre, Aman Bhogal, called out Thornberry’s misspelling of the Indian nationalist, tweeting:

Hey Emily Thornberry, kindly leave the Mahatma out of your playground politics rolling around in your bakwas [rubbish] cake. And if your leader Sir Keir Starmer is happy in the company of LENIN then the mask has truly slipped. Oh and it’s spelt G A N D H I…”


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