Delingpole: Tony Blair Calling Labour ‘Too Woke’ Is Like Lenin Calling Bolsheviks ‘Too Communist’

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Former prime minister Tony Blair has launched a “withering” attack on “woke” politics, which he claims is one of the reasons why the Labour party he once led is now unelectable.

Ordinary people don’t like “woke” politics, Blair argues in the New Statesman in an essay which is being viewed in some quarters as a bid by the fanged horror creature to replace Sir Keir Starmer as Labour leader.

Blair writes:

They’re suspicious that behind the agenda of many of the culture warriors on the left lies an ideology they find alien and extreme; and they’re instinctively brilliant at distinguishing between the sentiment and the movement. They will support strongly campaigns against racism; but they recoil from some of the language and actions of the fringes of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Blair’s argument may be trivially true: ordinary people really don’t like woke politics. For example, it’s quite possible that the infamous photograph in which Starmer posed “taking a knee” for Black Lives Matter was one of the reasons his party did so badly in the recent English elections, including losing the formerly safe Labour seat of Hartlepool.

At the same time, though, Blair is exhibiting here the kind of bravura hypocrisy we’ve come to expect from this veritable king cobra of snake oil salesmen.

For Blair to denounce the Labour party for being too woke is a bit like Lenin denouncing the Soviet politburo for being too communist.

It was Blair that made Labour woke in the first place. He rejected the working-class socialist values of ‘Old Labour’ (last represented by Neil Kinnock and his successor John Smith, whose sudden death allowed Blair to take control) and replaced them with a fantastical con trick he called the ‘Third Way’. This involved allowing people to get very rich — but simultaneously to salve their consciences by embracing all the politically correct causes we now call “woke”.

So, for example, it was under Blair that the police were branded “institutionally racist”. It was also when the Orwellian concept of a ‘hate crime’ (i.e. a rebranded thought crime) was introduced onto the statute books. Thus the traditional concept of equality before the law was undermined (because now designated victim groups had been granted special status) and the police gave up on the ideal of maintaining law and order without fear or favour, and began their transformation into the rainbow-flag-waving, internet-policing, uniformed Social Justice Warriors they have become today.

Blair’s attacks in the same article on the far-left of the party are equally dishonest. He criticises Jeremy Corbyn as “a classic protest politician completely unsuited to leadership, let alone governing” and derides “the rediscovery of 1960s Marxist-inspired left policy by a new generation.” But as Peter Hitchens has often noted, Tony Blair kept his  Trotskyite instincts long after he pretended to embrace moderation in order to get himself into power.

Like Belial, one of Satan’s junior devils in Paradise Lost, Blair uses language not to clarify but to obfuscate. His entire New Statesman article is a prolonged exercise in deception. This man will say almost anything in order to extend his influence and his power — anything, that is, apart from the actual truth: that the only thing he really wants to advance, apart from his own career, is the terrifying slave-state technocracy of the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset.

Here he is, for example, on education:

On education, how we utilise the possibility of online teaching and learning to change the way we educate our young people, and how as a consequence teaching skills evolve, will decide whether we are an educated nation or not in the future.

He states this as though it were a given: that the future is online teaching. But is he speaking for the parents who actually quite like the idea of their children being taught by real teachers, in a classroom, with their peer group? Is he speaking in the interests of children who need physical and mental stimulation rather than the tedium of having to spend even more time than they already do staring at screens? Of course not. He is just pushing the WEF’s agenda which, with regards to education, wants to turn the world’s children into brainwashed automatons all programmed with the same identikit values.

Here is what the WEF has to say about “online digital learning”:

With this sudden shift away from the classroom in many parts of the globe, some are wondering whether the adoption of online learning will continue to persist post-pandemic, and how such a shift would impact the worldwide education market.

And who are the “some” who are “wondering” this? Why, I’ll hazard a guess that it’s people like the WEF’s Klaus Schwab who see Covid as an opportunity to advance their agenda.

Possibly Blair’s most unwittingly hilarious moment in this torrent of bilge is where he advises progressives “to eschew gesture politics and slogans.” This advice might be more convincing if he hadn’t preceded it just two sentences earlier with “To be intolerant of intolerance – saying you can disagree without denouncing.”

If empty phrases like that aren’t both a classic case of the gesture politicking and the sloganeering he is affecting to decry then I’m Alistair Campbell’s sweaty jockstrap.

Tony Blair is the worst thing that ever happened to British politics. He is a charlatan, a liar, a counter-jumper, a destroyer of worlds, an enemy of civilisation, with a soul as black as Hell. Which isn’t to say that Boris Johnson isn’t pretty bloody awful. But if Blair had not first so corrupted beyond redemption the British body politic, a prime minister as dreadful as Boris Johnson would never have been possible.

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