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AG Sessions: ‘This Nation Must End This Culture of Leaking’

Attorney General Jeff Sessions called for an end Friday to the “culture of leaking” in government agencies. “These leaks hurt our government,” Sessions said in a press conference. Sessions stressed that each member of Congress and intelligence agencies need to


Gingrich on Leakers: ‘They Ought to Go to Jail’

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “The Story,” former House Speaker Newt Gingrich had a punishment in mind for those within the federal government leaking sensitive information to the press, particularly as British intelligence is no longer willing to work with

Obama and Ben Rhodes (Reuters)

Report: Obama Leaked Mossad Report to Embarrass Netanyahu

Israel’s Army Radio, via the Jerusalem Post, reports that local sources claim U.S. President Barack Obama arranged the leak of a Mossad report on the Iran nuclear talks as an act of revenge against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for agreeing to speak to Congress in February about radical Islam and the Iranian threat. The Mossad report allegedly suggests new sanctions would cause talks to collapse, and its release is calculated to suggest disagreement with Netanyahu.