Breaking the Batman: Full Refunds Offered for ‘Arkham Knight’


In a final bow to overwhelming consumer pressure, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced on October 31st that they would be offering full refunds of Batman: Arkham Knight, “regardless of how long you have played the product.”

The Arkham Knight drama has been exhaustively documented. A major game from a trusted developer, buoyed by pre-order sales and rushed out the door, the PC port was so bad that it ranged from dreadfully sub-optimized to completely unplayable. Sales were suspended and patches released, but almost half a year later the drama continues. After October 28th’s relaunch of the title, problems were still endemic.

WBIE had previously offered consumer recompense when the game was first pulled from retail for the disastrous manner in which all of these proceedings were handled, it seems they’re finally throwing their hands into the air. Unfortunately, even that isn’t working out as intended. Because of course it isn’t.

In an update to the announcement, Valve has reported that there have been widespread technical issues in processing the refunds and that consumers should try submitting their requests again. Many gamers are still reporting difficulty with refunds from other sources as well.

Refunds will be available until the end of 2015. For those who intend to hold on to the game, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has pledged to “continue to address the issues that we can fix and talk to you about the issues that we cannot fix.”

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