Hackers Using Facebook Quizzes to Harvest Personal Data

© AFP/File Brendan Smialowski

Want to know what you spirit animal is? So do hackers, apparently. WFLA.com reports that hackers have been using seemingly harmless Facebook questionnaires to harvest data about you and your preferences.

According to Sri Sridharan of the Florida Center for Cybersecurity, “you never know who’s really asking you for that information.” He doesn’t recommend you take those quizzes unless you can identify the source and know that they’ll protect your data.

To prevent your private information from becoming compromised while you try to discover which Beatle you are, the Florida Center for Cybersecurity recommends a few precautions.

First, hover over a link before you click it, so that you can see where you’re being directed. Better yet, use a link scanner.

Next, don’t treat your personal e-mail or login information any differently than you would your money. In the case of identity theft, the two are often one and the same.

And for the love of “Which Celebrity Dog Are You,” don’t just pony up your information when an anonymous source asks for it. Report it and move on.

Sorry, grandma. Looks like you’ll never find out what sort of Christmas cookie I am.

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