Fake Concert Craze Taking Facebook by Storm

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A new Facebook trend has created a mess with people setting up fake event pages advertising world-renowned musicians playing at bizarre locations, leading many to turn up unaware of the joke.

The meme started when groups of people showed up to a Sunoca gas station in April, after pranksters advertised on Facebook that popular 90s band Limp Bizkit would be performing for free there.

A whole bunch of bizkit heads. #durstordie #makeamericalimpagain

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Despite band frontman Fred Durst posting a tweet announcing the supposed show to be fake, Dayton police were forced to disperse the crowd which had appeared at the gas station, with around 100 reported fans of the band shouting for lead singer Durst.


Since the original prank surfaced in the news last month, hundreds of copycat events have emerged on Facebook, creating a new internet craze.

“Metallica playing at Goodwill in Dayton, Ohio”, “Sunday Brunch with Insane Clown Posse LIVE! At Kerbey Lane Café”, and “Drake LIVE at Hooters on Peachtree” are just a few examples that have all received thousands of RSVP’s both from fellow trolls and unsuspecting fans alike.

“WTF is up with these fake events now?” commented one disappointed fan. “This all ages or 21+?” asked another.

Though most people are now in on the joke with the events getting progressively more wild and unbelievable (see “TacoFest16 ft Criss Angel & Martin Shkreli & Papa Roach & Drowning Pool & Sasha Grey & HIM hosted by Steve Wilkos & Guy Fieri & Dog TBH“), a lot of fans were caught off guard towards the beginning of the craze, with some fans travelling from all over to attend these fake events.

“It’s a little disappointing, but [Fred Durst] might be around here,” said one Limp Bizkit fan who had reportedly trekked half an hour for the event. “He might be in one of them buildings watching us. So we really don’t know that.”