Gay Refugee Not Welcome on American Campus Posts Devastating Message on School’s Facebook Page


DePaul University’s Facebook rating has fallen to an all-time low of 1.1 out of 5 stars after the school failed to protect Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos while speaking at the campus.

Thousands of one star reviews have since been added to the official DePaul Facebook page, with one gay refugee from Europe expressing his dismay at the hate crimes he witnessed throughout.

Some noticed the similarity of the gay refugee, who received nearly 900 likes on his post, to Yiannopoulos himself. Of course it’s impossible that they could be the same person, as Yiannopoulos is right-wing, and gay right-wingers do not exist.

As a gay refugee from socialist Europe, I felt radically unsafe when college authorities allowed a bigoted and homophobic religious preacher to physically threaten me, despite my polite but admittedly slightly camp entreaties that I should not be subjected to threats of violence for the crime of expressing sexual interest in an ethnic minority man

Speaking as a prominent member of the global LGBTQQUFHEBXJSBBF$:&:&; community and member of perhaps the most endangered and marginalised group in society — gay conservatives — I demand that the DePaul college authorities immediately rename its accommodation blocks after Ronald Reagan, Ayn Rand and Donald Trump. I refuse to sit idly by as the mechanisms of hate speech undermine my right to make jokes about hideous blubbery train wreck lesbian feminists and obnoxious and petulant Black Lives Matter terrorists. Enough is enough, DePaul. No more safe spaces — it’s time for Shitlording 101 to take its rightful place in the liberal arts requirements and for mischief, irreverence and misbehavior to be restored to the curriculum. PS no one is trans, it’s a brain disease.

Since campus security’s failure and the college admins’ failure to address the violent protests by students on Tuesday, over 7,700 reviews have been made on the DePaul Facebook page. The overwhelming majority of these have been accompanied by a one star rating.