Democrat Professors Outnumber Republicans By 12:1 Ratio At UNC

A protest in front of the US Supreme Court on October 10, 2012 as the court was scheduled to hear arguments on Fisher v University of Texas

A university in North Carolina has a professor ratio of approximately 12 registered Democrats to every one registered Republican, an analysis conducted by The College Fix has found.

The student reported website also found that there were 16 of the 34 departments at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill where there were no existing Republican professors, on an analysis of the states online public voter database.

According to the analysis, 615 out of of 1,355 UNC Chapel Hill professors are registered as Democrats, whilst just 50 of them are Republicans, and two are registered with the Libertarian Party.

The remaining staff include 299 professors who are not affiliated to a political party, 291 professors whose information is not available, and 98 professors affiliations whose affiliations are indeterminable.

Some of the departments that were lacking in registered Republican professors, with some of the lowest predictably being in areas such as African-American Studies, Art and Women’s Studies.

University spokesman Tim Gregory told The College Fix that the university “does not recruit its staff based upon their political affiliation, but instead upon academic merit.”

“Our primary effort is to ensure that our faculty, regardless of their backgrounds, are sensitive to and respectful of the various beliefs and viewpoints raised by each of their students,” he continued adding that achieving the right balance as “extremely difficult.”

The findings could go some way to explaining the liberal bias that currently exists across US College Campuses. Earlier this month Breitbart revealed that university administrators at UCI Irvine suspended the university’s College Republican’s in order to prevent them hosting further events with Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos. The ban was later reversed, but only following intense pressure from conservative media and activists.

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