Apple Caves to Breitbart News: Satirical Clinton App No Longer Considered ‘Offensive’

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Capitol HillAwry, a satirical iPhone game based on the Hillary Clinton email scandal, has been accepted and published on the Apple App Store following Breitbart Tech’s report last week.

The developer, John Matze from Base10, had been attempting to get the game published on the platform since 2015, but was repeatedly denied, with Apple representatives branding the game as “offensive” and “objectionable”, despite the dozens of graphic anti-Trump games that currently reside on the App Store.

After Breitbart published the story last Monday, Matze received an email stating that the game had now been accepted for publication, and the game is now available for users to download for free.

The aim of the game is “to collect as much money through email donations as possible while maintaining a decent approval rating in the polls.”

Once you have booted up your server you will begin to receive various emails and spam. It is your objective to delete any confidential information off of the server by swiping the emails to the right. Removing confidential emails will improve your poll rating. You will also receive political donor emails, which will help earn you money through speeches and foundation donations.

The game also features an array of mini games that make the player wipe email servers and take down Bernie Sanders.

iPhone users can download Capitol HillAwry for free on the App Store now.

Charlie Nash is a reporter for Breitbart Tech. You can follow him on Twitter @MrNashington or like his page at Facebook.


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