How to Remove Twitter’s New ‘Quality Filter’ Censorship Setting

twitter censorship
AP Photo/Isa Simsek, Zaman

Last week we reported on Twitter’s “quality filter” being introduced to the social network in order to combat “harassment” by hiding certain accounts. This week, users on the social network might have noticed that the setting has been turned on for everyone.

When Twitter uses phrases like “anti-harassment” and “quality filter,” it usually means someone is going to get censored, and that someone is usually a conservative. Twitter’s attempt to sneak in a new “quality filter” is part of the site’s tactics to marginalize and suppress conservative and libertarian voices on the platform. If you want to continue seeing content from different users, here’s how to remove it.

Step 1

Click on the “Notifications” tab at the top of your page.


Step 2

Click on the small button to the right that says “Settings.”


Step 3

Click the ticked box next to “Quality filter” and make sure that the box is then unchecked. Confirm the change by clicking the “Save changes” button below it afterwards.



You have now turned off Twitter’s “quality filter,” and your account should be back to how it was before.

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