Lawsuit: Twitter Direct Messages Like Giving Islamic State a Satellite Phone


A lawsuit claiming that Twitter should take some responsibility for the rise of ISIS has been refiled with a revised complaint that the service’s direct messaging system is akin to providing jihadists with a satellite phone.

It is the complainants third attempt in holding Twitter to account for the rampant extremism on the platform, with the lawsuit previously being struck down by judges who gave the litigants a further 20 days to revise their claims.

The claims are being made by the family of U.S. citizen Lloyd Fields, who was killed in an Islamist inspired attack in Jordan in 2015.

“Giving ISIS the capability to send and receive Direct Messages in this manner is no different than handing it a satellite phone, walkie-talkies or the use of a mail drop,” the revised lawsuit read.

Twitter claimed to have deleted up to 235,000 terrorist related accounts in August from the platform. However, a group of British MP’s contended that the site was “consciously failing” in its efforts to prevent extremism from growing on the platform.

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